Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to beat Gym-Pact

Gym-Pact is a new way to motivate yourself to actually do something for your own good: Go to the gym. Gym-Pact comes as an iPhone App which allows you to earn money (or lose) depending if you comply to your "pact" and meet your weekly goals. To quote the creators:

GymPact lets you set the financial stakes of not getting to the gym, plus earn real cash for every workout you committed - paid for by those who didn't get to the gym!

And it seems to work really good! It has some little problems though: 

Instead I propose a simple solution:

    Just make a "pact" with someone you trust.
You can even make it in a formal written form if you like.

Here's how to create your own "Gym-Pact"-like pact with someone you trust:
  1. Make an agreement with your man/wife, brother/sister, best friend, etc. to commit for a certain amount of time to actually do an activity that you know is good for you (it doesn't have to be working out at a gym).
  2. Your counterpart should be able to commit aswell for a certain amount of time to do an activity which is good for him/her.
  3. If you miss your weekly goals, you pay up.
  4. However, if the other person misses their weekly goals, he/she has to pay you up.
What happens if you can't continue commiting to your pact? Well, that depends on the situation. If it is for a reason you cannot avoid or change, then the pact will have to break, but if you decide all of the sudden to quit without even hardly trying, then you pay for all the missing weekly goals. It's that simple.

Trust me, do this and both of you won't miss a penny, plus you will both be doing something good for yourselves.

Does this sound like something you might actually do?


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