Saturday, September 25, 2010

"My First Post"

My First Post...
I thought a lot what to write for my first blog post. I had no idea what to write, but I wanted it to be special. I didn't want the typical first post: "HEY THIS IS MY NEW AWESOME BLOG!!!" or "test... just testing" (why the fuck do you write "test" anyway? if it works for the other 10 million or more people that blog, then it's going to work for you too... dumbass) or "Finally, I too, will have a blog" or the "This is my First post, please be gentle" (be gentle? what the fuck? no one is going to e-fuck you, don't worry). But then I figured... I really don't care how awesome my first post is going to be. Besides none of those variants were quite the thing I was looking for. 

So I started doing some research on first blog posts. Doing a simple "my first blog post" search on Google, gave me some interest results. What I found was that many people use their first blog post to present themselves and to show their interests. Some even add what their blog is going to be all about and write about a few thousand lines about their whole life, how unhappy they are and finish by explaining how often their cat poops. There are even some people like Mack Collier which give some tipps on how to write your first blog post:

Other people like this sweet girl:, can't even remember what their first blog post was all about (she has been "blogging" since she was 13 and according to her post she is 25 at the moment. Were there blogs 12 years ago? I think not...).

While searching further I even found this: (yeah, it's what you think it is). It's a blog about first blog posts (quite original by the way...). In this blog, people write about their first blogs and what they were all about. This guy for example John Gay (I had to laugh there for a moment) wrote on his first blog post about how to achieve more traffic for your blog. Want to achieve more traffic? Easy, get people to read your fucking blog. Period. Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed to find out that this blog had only three pages (domain was registered on the 26. July 2009, not quite a success if you ask me). 

And then it's when I decided to stop with the research. It doesn't really matter what I write  as long as I keep it entertaining. The only thing that's important, is if I get some people to actually read my shit and if I don't succeed, I don't care either. 

So keeping this post short, I will not introduce myself, nor will I write about specific topics in this blog. I will write about whatever I think it's right and I won't care whether you like it or not. This is my blog...


  1. Hi, Martin. Found your blog after you linked mine. Thanks for that :)

    I wanted to clarify the "blogging" thing. I certainly had no idea that the online diaries I was keeping at gURLpages (cute, eh?) would be referred to as anything other than that. I knew nothing of the word until it gained much more popularity. The term "weblog" was first used back in December of 1997 (when I was 13) and later shortened to "blog."

  2. Hey,

    yeah I think the term "Blog" is too overrated and overused nowadays. Everyone uses it, but few people like yourself actually know what it means.

    I used to keep a diary when I was little. I did that for like two years and wrote almost every day!

    Besides, I think everyone has had a "blog" in one way or another. It doesn't have to be online. Even if you just write your notes of the day on some piece of paper, that could be considered a "blog" by some.

    Btw. thanks for the comment. Made my day :)